Alessandro Antonelli was commissioned to reconvert the building of the 17th-century Capuchin monastery into a private residence.

The renovation, however, was limited to the part of the building along present-day Corso Mazzini, with works in the entrance and the stairwell.

The sole Doric column standing near the courtyard suggests the desire to create a sequence of porticos, while the composition of the façade is reminiscent in parts of the design of Casa Stoppani (now demolished).

The structure of the staircase, installed inside the building, is a general compendium of all the characteristic features of Antonelli’s architecture, particularly the cantilevered flights within a square stairwell, illuminated by an overhead skylight.

A corridor behind the staircase connects the front section along the road with the perpendicular wing leading to the courtyard.

Recent renovations, which have allowed the replacement of old finishes with most refined materials, have obliterated the original close relationship between space and materials characteristic of all Antonelli’s work.