Route 5

The 20th century from Art Nouveau to Modern Art

Important Art Nouveau architectural works were built against the backdrop of the ramparts, such as Casa Ugazio and Casa Fiorentini.

During the first half of the 20th century, the city experienced progressive urban development beyond the bastion walls, imposed through the drafting of two planning documents, in 1933 and 1936, which led to growth along the main routes to the city.

The historical centre also underwent a partial urban renewal, with the creation of important civil structures in the Rationalist style, such as the Police Headquarters, the Post Office Building and the Indoor Market.

Construction works continued during the second half of the twentieth century, with noteworthy examples including the office building in Via San Gaudenzio, built by the Gregotti, Meneghetti and Stoppino group.

The industrial development of the 1960s led to a great expansion of areas with public housing schemes.